"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Returning the Favor?

Society says that the second Sunday in May we should honor our mothers. Therefore, we give cards, flower corsages, the occasional gift, and even a few husbands and children will cook lunch for the “chef” of the home. But can we honor our mothers appropriately just one day a year? With full confidence, I say NO!

When I flip back through the pages of my life, and when I take a stroll down memory lane, I can’t relive the journey without thinking of my mother. I picture her cooking my favorite meals, and the appetizing aroma that encompassed the kitchen. I can remember sitting in her lap as she wiped every tear. I still see her in the stands cheering at every game, with a diet coke in one hand, and a camera in the other. I still feel her tenderness in my defeats, and visualize her pride in my victories, as her gentle smile would beam from ear to ear. When I think of everything that has happened in the past 22 years, why do these memories and pictures immediately surface in my mind? She’s my Mom! I did not say that she was my Mom, but she IS my Mom, and she ALWAYS will be! Everyone holds a special place in their heart for their mother!

Mothers, what’s the pay off for all of your hard work? After the millions of loads of laundry, after the thousands of meals, after the monotony of cleaning the same house hundreds of times, and after the busyness of the day has calmed to a few hours of peace, what will be your reward? One day, when you find yourself in need of help, your “babies” will say, “Mom, it’s my turn! You were dedicated to taking care of me, and now I dedicate myself to taking care of you!”

How do I know this will happen? Raise your children to be like Jesus, and they will turn out right! You see, even in Jesus’ most painful moments on earth, before he took his final breath on the cross, he made preparations for his dear mother. He looked at the apostle John, the “disciple whom Jesus loved…”, and commanded him, “Here is your son, Here is your mother!” (John 19:27) Once Jesus was gone, he wanted John to care for his care giver!

As I strive to pattern my life after my Savior, I will make sure to embody his qualities in this special way! “Thank you Mom, for taking care of me! I will always take care of you. I will return the favor!”