"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tragic Typos?

As the “First day of School” fever is gearing up around the nation, there is one story that I can’t help but share. High Schools all around the country have been waiting for the school year to officially begin. Athletic teams have been running “Two a Days” in the scorching sun, bands and drum lines have been practicing like professionals for the “Friday Night Light” stage, and even School Administrations are preparing properly by getting necessary maintenance completed. A High School in North Carolina contracted with a Road Painter to paint the word “SCHOOL” on a new road leading into the campus. Look at the picture very closely! Here is something to make your old English teacher gasp in horror! Other companies have offered to correct the “typo” with a moderate $1.7 billion dollar bid.

But even in the church, we are guilty of making “tragic typos!” In school, our teachers always told us to “check over our work” before we submitted the final copy. Why don’t we try “checking over our work” in these areas?

1) In what we Say (We are so unbelievably talented at criticism! But before we show everyone our “talent”, why don’t we consider how it will make them feel?)

2) In what we Show (Sure, we can’t ALWAYS worry about what other people will think. But before we make any “questionable” decision, why don’t we consider how that choice will affect our influence for Jesus Christ?)

3) In what we Sanction (It’s never fun to be that “guy” who always makes every moment dull because we “disapprove” of what’s going on. However, sometimes if we don’t even say a word, it’s worse than ruining the “excitement” of the evening!)

Remember, some “typos” can’t ever be fixed; they will sear people’s hearts and memories forever. “Check over your Work!” Sometimes, you can’t afford the “tragedy” of “typos!”