"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Monday, October 11, 2010

Captured by a Camera

Can you believe that photo? No, it’s not staged. It’s not “Photo Shopped” by a computer. That’s a REAL picture of Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball into the camera at the Ryder Cup.

You might ask, “How in the world did the photographer capture that picture?” Well, the camera man was not trying to capture this type of image. He set up on the side of the 18th green with many other photographers. But, Tiger missed the green on his approach from the fairway, and then he “duffed” his next shot right into the camera! Yes, even the former #1 golfer in the world makes embarrassing shots from time to time. What is the best part of this photo? Check out the man on the right with a cigar in his mouth. Who let that guy on the golf course? He certainly doesn’t fit the golfer “mold.”

It’s a great photo that gives us a new image of professional golf that we have never seen before! We can see EVERYTHING; even the rotation and compression of the golf ball! Do you realize this is how God sees us? He sees things we do not see. He captures every thought, every emotion, every action, and He doesn’t even need a camera! He doesn’t worry about having a High Power lens, because He reigns on high, and He has all power in heaven and on earth!

Are you pleased with what God sees in you? Remember, He sees EVERYTHING! Even the things that no one else sees! So smile for the Camera!