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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Truths of Time

I’m a big fan of statistical studies! Statistics keep us attuned to the movements and habits of our culture. A recent study was just published that analyzed the amount of time children spend in front of TV’s, computers, or video games every day. The study researched 1,013 children between the ages of 10 and 11 across the nation. It reported that children who spend two or more hours a day looking at screens are more likely to develop psychological problems (difficulty relating to peers, emotional issues, poor conduct, etc.) when they get older. Now, the study about children and their “screen time” is not a new study! In previous studies, researches claimed that if parents made their children exercise more, the physical exertion would balance out the effects of media. If that “prescription” is the “cure”, some children would have to train for a triathlon to be healed! Two hours of TV is just their warm up! However, according to this most recent study, physical exercise will not solve the trauma that too much “screen time” can cause!

It gets back to one simple rule of life; it’s all about balance! It doesn’t matter how “good” something is! Too much of a “good” thing can be “bad!” But isn’t it great that we can never spend TOO much time with God’s word? Even when we completely absorb ourselves into its message, we never have to worry about psychological problems, but only psychological positives! In fact, the Bible teaches us how to understand and relate to others, rely on God during emotional heartache, and be people of upstanding character!

There’s only one concern! How much time do YOU actually spend with God’s word? You don’t have to spend two hours every day, but you must give God something! And trust me, any “time” that you spend with the “truth”, God will always bless!