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Monday, October 25, 2010

A World Series Wonder

I love the World Series! Fans watch for six months, 162 games, plus playoffs to see which team will win it all! The World Series really does prove which team is the BEST in Baseball. Unlike the Super Bowl, the winning team must win at least four games in a seven game series. To win four games, the words “off day” are no longer relevant.

Every year, stories about the stars of the series seep to the surface, and this year, it’s no different! Bengie Molina, the veteran catcher for the Texas Rangers, will receive a World Series ring regardless if Texas wins or loses. Molina played with the San Francisco Giants from 2007 to July 1st of this year. He will be the first catcher in baseball history to play in the World Series against a team he played for earlier in the season. Since Molina played for the Giants the first half of 2010, Major League Baseball has decided to award Molina with a ring since he contributed to the San Francisco Giants’ winning record, which consequently gave them a playoff birth. Many will see this as “wrong” or “unnecessary”, but I say give Molina the ring; he’s a superstar! Both ball clubs had great things to say about their catcher. Tim Lincecum, the Giants’ “ace” pitcher gave these remarks, “He knows batters’ tendencies and he put the right fingers down for me to throw the right pitches. He knows every hitter in the game.” Ron Washington, the Texas Rangers’ manager, spoke of Melina in this way, “We have benefited from his experience. When he says something, everybody listens.” Maybe Melina will give the Rangers an “edge” since he knows the San Francisco hitters so well!

But what I think is so special about Molina are his memories of San Francisco. He said, “When I was with the Giants, I became a brother. I became a father. I became a guy who took aside a lot of the young kids and talked to them not only about baseball, but life itself.” Any man who realizes there’s more to life than baseball, and decides to make a difference with his maturity, deserves any ring that baseball will give him!

Unfortunately, even as followers of Jesus Christ, we might play for “both” teams. Some days we give God what He desires, but other days we give into what Satan desires for us. (Not that I’m comparing the Rangers to Heaven and the Giants to Hades). But isn’t it amazing to know that at the end of the “season”, if we hold fast to the Gospel, and if we have the blood of Jesus flowing through our veins, we will receive the “ring”? It’s called the “Crown of Life”, and only the “redeemed” will receive it.

Now that’s a World Series worth winning!