"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Monday, November 29, 2010


We frequently refer to our youth as the “Leaders of Tomorrow.” With fear and anxiousness, we think about who will be our leaders in the coming years, but we love to critique the habits and the education of these young people! It’s often said that the younger generations, “Don’t understand the importance of hard work, have everything handed to them, and walk through life as uneducated and unrealistic dreamers!” I usually disagree with that evaluation of our youth, but this time I might actually have to jump on the bandwagon. West Potomac High School in Alexandria, Virginia is doing away with “F’s” (Fail) on report cards. That’s right, it will be impossible for their students to fail classes! What’s their alternative? “F’s” will be replaced with “I’s” (Incomplete). An “I” will let students redeem themselves because they can learn the lesson, get caught up over the next year, and then be given a satisfactory grade acknowledging the fact that they “mastered” the material! In first grade, we got “E’s” for effort, but even effort doesn’t always cut it! Why don’t we give them “R’s” for RIDICULOUS!

Now, the administration of West Potomac High School does offer a convincing rebuttal. They say, “Students learn better when the learning is not complicated by grades.” Possibly, but the only reason they would learn “better” is because they don’t worry about failing! And if that’s the motivation, I’m not sure the students are actually “learning.” Grades give stress, but stress pumps adrenalin that makes students work hard! When the students grow up and enter the real world, they can’t tell their employers, wives, husbands, children, or the government, “Please erase any standard that evaluates my performance. It causes me stress, and when I have stress, I don’t do my best work!”

I pray that we never forget that even on the Day of Judgment, we can receive an “F.” God is gracious, He is full of bountiful mercy, and He gives us every opportunity to succeed. However, if we don’t do what He asks, and if we don’t work hard for Him, God will say, “You have failed!”

I suggest we remember the advice that Paul gave the young preacher Timothy. “Study to show thyself approved…” We must prepare for our evaluation, because the only “I” we will receive is when God says, I, and only I, am the Lord,” And that “I” is COMPLETELY SANE!