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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Effects of “PCDD”?

One of the more serious emotional disorders of life is PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD occurs after an individual sees or experiences something traumatic such as death, threat, or injury. Symptoms of PTSD vary, but all of them are disheartening and critical. It causes vivid flashbacks of the traumatic event. It causes emotional “numbness” to everything and everyone. It can even cause problems in sleeping, eating, and socializing with others. PTSD is very real and troubling!

But do you struggle with PCDD? PCDD is very common this time of year. It can even be seen in some of the happiest people you know. PCDD (Post Christmas Depression Disorder) wears on every festive soul. The Christmas Season brings hype, excitement, a spirit of giving, priceless time with friends and family, and then in a matter of hours, it’s over! All of the presents that took hours to purchase and wrap are unwrapped. All of the food that took hours to cook has been eaten. The roads that carried Christmas travelers become crowded with travelers returning home. We always finish “Merry Christmas” with “…And a Happy New Year”, but New Years really isn’t that special. We simply stay up late and celebrate as another tick of the clock turns another page of the calendar. What’s the cure for PCDD? There’s no therapeutic activity; there’s no powerful prescription. Just give it time! We get back into our daily routines. We endure the cold of winter. Blooming flowers bring us the warmth of spring. Hot sunshine provides the relaxation of summer. Changing of the seasons brings the thanksgiving of fall, and before we know it, “Seasons Greetings” are greeting us again!

But during these next few weeks, instead of fighting this emotional disorder, why don’t we attend to those who crave to feel the symptoms of PCDD! While we try to pick ourselves up and go on with the New Year, many struggle with serious depression. They had no one to spend the holidays with. With tears, they remembered their loved ones who passed from this life. When it should have been the best time of the year, for them it was the worst.

During the next few weeks, you can experience PCDD in two different ways. You can fight Post Christmas Depression Disorder”, or you can “Portray Christ through Devoted Discipleship.” Paul wrote in Romans 12:10, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.” Show your devotion. Show your discipleship. Spread the “Christmas Cheer” one more time and love those who need to be loved!