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Monday, May 30, 2011

Message in a Bottle?

Children have crazy ideas. Through their innocence and ignorance of life, they come up with hopeless tasks they believe are feasible. On this list of "cute" ideas, right next to digging a hole to China lies sending a message in a bottle. Children idolize the concept of placing a message in a bottle, dropping it in the ocean, and seeing who finds it. Now, little do they realize that oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface, and the only "recipient" of the message is probably a whale looking for an afternoon snack, but it's the thought that counts! However on the Curonian Spit, a 60 mile stretch of sand running through Lithuania and Russia, a child's dream came true.

Danill Korotkikh, a 13 year old Russian teenager, saw the bottle glistening in the sand when he was walking on the beach with his parents. He opened up the bottle and read the message, "My name is Frank, and I'm five years old. My dad and I are travelling on a ship to Denmark. If you find this letter, please write back to me, and I will write back to you." The letter dating back to 1987 even included a return address in Coesfeld, Germany. Daniel looked up the address and found the "author", Frank Vesbeck, who is now 29 years old. Several weeks ago Korotkikh and Uesbeck met each other for the first time over an Internet Skype session. Uesbeck was amazed that the letter was actually found, and thrilled that he made a "positive impact" on a young person so far away. Uesbeck even said, "Who knows, perhaps one day we will actually be able to arrange a meeting in person."

It's a neat story, but it really opens our eyes as Christians. The media went to great lengths to cover a story of a message in a bottle. After the connection was made, the author gloated, "I made a positive impact!" How? Did he include godly advice? Did he offer solutions for the problems of life? No, he simply said "Write me back!" Not necessarily "life changing" counsel. As Christians, we've received a message in a bottle called the Bible, and this message truly makes a positive impact; it paves the paths to salvation.

With excitement, Uesbeck said, "Perhaps one day we will meet in person." For followers of Christ, we wait with faith for that day when we will meet the author and editor of the Bible face to face. But before that "meeting" takes place, make sure to open the "bottle" and obey the message!