"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Mother's Love

Mother's Day is a very special day. Children remember their mothers with homemade art, breakfast in bed, precious cards, and priceless memories. But as children remember their mothers on this day devoted to them, mothers remember their children with love only mothers can feel. They remember the first day of school; the first t-ball game; for some, when their children crossed the stage and received a diploma, or walked the aisle and entered into the joys of holy matrimony. However, there are a few details every mother remembers just like it was yesterday. She remembers the smell of the delivery room; the texture of that cheap hospital gown; the nerves in her stomach when the doctor said, "We're going to have this baby today"; but most of all, that moment when time stood still, when she heard that first cry, held that bundle of love in her arms and said, "I will love you forever." When I was searching for the love of my life, I desperately wanted to find a partner who would do just that. As I continually fall deeper in love with Natalie day by day, I see her love for our child and it's indescribable. She's already an exceptional mother.

A mother's love never dies. It doesn't matter how old or independent a child gets, a mother's child is always her "baby." But what's a mother's greatest gift? It's not the hours spent cooking or cleaning. It's not the willingness to always offer a hug or kind word. Make no mistake, these acts of love are building blocks that build great mothers, but they're still not her greatest gift. It's her faith. It's her confidence in the God of heaven and earth and in the word of the Lord that stands forever. There are many ways to diagnose a loving mother, and many books to aid good parenting, but none compare with a mother who feeds her family with faith!

Mothers, are you giving that gift? Your children are waiting!