"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Monday, August 8, 2011

"What Did You Say?"

Last week I read a very interesting article about marriage. The article listed nine things wives shouldn't say to their husbands. I found some of them to be very amusing. I hope they will publish an article listing 100 things husbands shouldn't say to their wives! Here are a few of my favorite "no no's" on the list:

1) "When are you going to find a new job?" (You might be upset with the time he spends at work, his lack of determination for the promotion, or the small salary he brings home. However, you're attacking his ability to support the family. If this is an area of concern, have regular discussion about jobs, career ambitions, and budget concerns.)

2) "Mother warned me you would do this!" (You're letting him know that there are "others" in your camp, and this "other" is a painful blow. Keep marital problems in the marital bond.)

3) "Do you really think those pants are flattering?" (Are you trying to hint that he's putting on weight? You may think you're being subtle, but he gets the point. Congratulations, he will now eat more pie and buy more "flattering" pants.)

All of this marital etiquette did get me to thinking: Are there some things we shouldn't say to God? What about these statements?

1) "Are you listening?" (Of course God is listening! God might be teaching you patience. Wait on God and learn from the opportunity. He always comes through!)

2) "Why did you do this to me?" (God didn't do anything to you. Life might be difficult and unfair. That's because we live on this side of Heaven. Have faith in God. He will always take care of you!)

3) "When will I get what I deserve?" (Do you really want what you deserve? You deserve condemnation, but God gave the Cross, and Jesus gave His life. What you "deserve" is the last thing you desire!)

Regardless if you're speaking with your husband, wife, or God, here's a simple reminder: Choose your words very carefully!