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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Facebook Fugitive

The Facebook frenzy addicts computer users across the world. There’s just something about “updating” that status, “liking” that picture, and “tagging” that friend that keeps us coming back for more. Everyone wants in on the action, even fugitives!

Last week, a fugitive in Washington found time to update his Facebook while running from police. This man has been convicted of five felonies and has already served time behind bars, but this time he dodged extensive police searches and outran a police dog.

But even with all of this activity, the fugitive wasn’t too busy to get his “Facebook fix”. One friend posted on his wall, “Cops are all over you”, to which he replied, “Ya, I got away, thanks bro!” He even had time to change his relationship status to single. What a guy!

Facebook isn’t a bad thing, but it can become a terrible thing if it takes over our lives. Now, a man updating his account while running from the law is an extreme example. But if we can’t find the time to do what we need to do, but find time for Facebook, our priorities are seriously out of order.

Luke gave us the perfect example for a daily “habit” when he spoke of the “Noble Bereans” who “examined the scriptures daily…” (Acts 17:11) Enjoy Facebook. Connect. Comment. Search. Share. But don’t neglect what’s really important!