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Monday, June 11, 2012

A Friendly Church?

I recently read an article that evaluated the “friendliness” of a church. I thought some of these “ways” were too good not to share. Granted, they are fictitious, and extremely “unfriendly”, but they make a very powerful point.

When the sign out front says, “For Members Only”.

When the parking lot signs say, “Unauthorized Vehicles Will be Towed at Owner’s Expense”.

When the church lobby signs say, “No Loitering”.

When in worship you say “Praise the Lord”, and the guy in front of you says, “We Don’t Do That Here”.

When at fellowship, coffee is $1.50 a cup and donuts are a $1.00 a piece with a limit of two.

When the church’s motto is “We’re Getting Smaller but Purer”.

Are we concerned about making guests feel welcome? Are we serious about true, heartfelt worship? Do we long for fellowship with our brothers and sisters? Are we devoted to growing the Kingdom within our own community? Hopefully, the answer “Absolutely” immediately comes to your mind, but here’s the reality—the friendliness of a church is defined by the friendliness of its members.

How friendly are you?