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Monday, October 8, 2012

From Summit to Valley

Life often deals a difficult hand, but Pat Neshek and his wife Stephanee, understand how painful and unpredictable the cards can be. Pat Neshek is a star pitcher for the Oakland A’s, playing a critical role in Oakland’s “fairy tale” season, bouncing back from a thirteen game deficit and defeating my beloved Texas Rangers to win the Division. Pat’s career hasn’t always been so magical. Neshek has been pitching in the majors since 2006, but in 2009 he was forced to have Tommy John surgery—a serious procedure that often ends careers. But, Pat bounced back from that surgery just like the A’s bounced back from double digit despair.

However, Pat and Stephanee have recently travelled from the summit to the valley in one of life’s toughest challenges. Read the course of events that both Pat and Stephanee posted to their Twitter accounts:

October 2nd

Pat Neshek @PatNeshek

Thinking of the long nights in AAA, my TJ surgery & the days I thought it was over…Makes for the sweetest playoff birth of my career!

October 2nd

Pat Neshek @Pat Neshek

What a day, my wife is now in labor! #playoffbaby

October 3rd

Stephanee Neshek @StephaneeNeshek

It’s a boy Gehring John Neshek…8lbs 5 oz. born 10/2/12. Pat flew Oakland to FL just in time for birth! #playoffbaby

October 3rd (2 Hours Later)

Pat Neshek @Pat Neshek

Please pray for my family. Tonight my wife and I lost our first & only son 23 hours after he was born with no explanation.

Life supplies many tough questions, but we can’t always supply adequate answers. “The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away” isn’t a comforting explanation during the fiercest winds of the storm.

However, we can hang our hat on some good news—even though our circumstances change, our God remains stable. We will travel from the summit to the valley several times in our lives, but with faith, we know our Father will once again lift us up to higher ground.