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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Master Among Masters

Another Masters in Augusta, Georgia has come and gone. Amidst the beauty of Azaleas and Pines, the world’s best golfers regrouped at the golfer’s paradise of Augusta National. Each player gave it his all for the Green Jacket—the ultimate crown in the golfing Kingdom. “Aussie” Adam Scott became the first Australian to ever win the Masters.

Scott’s career has experienced many ups and downs. In 2008, Scott placed third in the US Open, a significant achievement; but, after that tournament, the wheels quickly began to fall off. In his next 14 tournaments, Scott missed the cut 10 times. He found himself in financial trouble as he purchased a jet to fly him from tournament to tournament. Unfortunately, this purchase was made the same time his career went south.

But in 2009, golf hero and fellow Australian Greg Norman asked Adam Scott to play for the President’s Cup. In that tournament Scott did even worse. He was literally about to “hang up his cleats” and walk away from the game, until a gentleman named Angel Cabrera, 2009 Masters Champion, entered the scene. Cabrera agreed to play with Scott to help calm his nerves and find his swing.

Fast forward four years to Sunday, April 14th, 2013. As fate would have it, Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera were walking down the fairway together; this time, not as teammates, but as competitors, in the second playoff hole to win the Masters. Cabrera hit his second shot and landed at the front of the green. Scott laced a seven iron 12 feet from the hole. From underneath his umbrella, Cabrera gave Scott the “thumbs up”—a gesture foreign to the world of competitive golf. On his third shot, Cabrera chipped up onto the green and missed the hole by inches, tapping in for his par. Scott sank his 12 foot birdie putt for the win, as roars from the crowd echoed through the trees and the hills.

Adam Scott was adorned with the Green Jacket and all of its glory, but it was only a matter of minutes before Scott recognized the power of his competitor, and former teammate, Angel Cabrera. Scott reminisced of Cabrera’s encouragement and gave Cabrera the credit for saving his career that was literally hours away from ending. Even though Cabrera missed the Green Jacket by inches, in my opinion, he is still a Master among Masters.

You see, we never know just how powerful our words really are. Green Jackets are nice, but nothing compares to the sweetness of encouragement. That’s the true mark of a Master.