"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Losing the Purpose

I hope you’re all geared up for Memorial Day weekend. It’s refreshing to kick off summer with family and friends, sitting around the pool, dabbling in the pleasures and novelties of the grill. It’s a privilege to remember those who have paid the ultimate price so we can enjoy our freedom. We owe this holiday to them.

But on a deeper, spiritual level, we can quickly lose the purpose of memorials. Consider this excerpt from Dr. James Dobson’s book, “Coming Home: Timeless Wisdom for Families”.

“The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful and costly tombs ever built, but there is something fascinating about its beginnings. In 1629, when the favorite wife of Indian ruler Shah Jahan died, he ordered that a magnificent tomb be built as a memorial for her. The shah placed his wife’s casket in the middle of a parcel of land, and construction of the temple literally began around it. But several years into the venture, the Shah’s grief gave way to a passion for the project. One day while he was surveying the sight, he reportedly stumbled over a wooden box, and he had some workers throw it out. It was months before he realized that his wife’s casket had been destroyed. The original purpose for the memorial became lost in the details of construction.”

Can you imagine being Shah Jahan when he discovered his faux pas? Words fail to capture the heartache, but Dr. Dobson makes a valid point. Excuse after excuse can be made for the shah’s oversight, but the cause is the same—“the original purpose for the memorial became lost in the details of construction”.

As we continue to grow, both in spirit and number, may we never lose our purpose. In the memorial of all memorials, Jesus defined that purpose in this way, “Do this in remembrance of me”. His body and His blood stand at the forefront of our lives, sharing the limelight with no one or nothing. Don’t lose it in the details.