"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Timeless Treasure

A man can spend his entire life with a metal detector in hand, scavenging for that perfect “treasure”; but, even if the sensor sounds, his “treasure” is often trash. Looking for a treasure is rarely a pleasure.
Every now and again, a needle is found in the haystack. Last week, some ancient silver coins were found on a hunt for something else. A Welsh farmer named Ifor Edwards dropped his keys in one of his fields and couldn’t find them, so he hired a detecting specialist; not only did the specialist find the keys, but these coins that were probably used as currency during the reign of Edward III, Henry V, and Henry VI. During the reign of these kings, the coins would have been worth only a few American dollars, but today, they have an estimated value of $700.00 a piece. If losing our keys could be as profitable as finding Edwards’ keys, we would lose our keys more often.
As Christians, we often forget that in our hands, we hold a timeless treasure. To find the treasure, it doesn’t require a metal detector or a specialized, metal detecting service. Rather, the Holy Spirit inspired this “treasure” into words that the mind can understand and the heart can appreciate.
In speaking about the words of God, David said, “They are more precious than gold…they are sweeter than honey…” (Psalm 19:10) The earthly treasure we seek will never compare to the heavenly message we find. Honor the “Book”. It’s a timeless treasure.