"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Signs of Burnout

Last week, I read an article that listed six ways to know you’re “burned out” at work and that you should probably switch careers. I’ll touch on just four.


#1 Your job makes you a jerk (When you begin your job, you’re excited about employment, but as time progresses, you become irritable and cynical. People notice and prefer avoiding you.)


#2 You think about everything but work (At one time, increasing profits and establishing new contacts summarized your schedule, but now your mind constantly wanders to what you will do when you leave work, rather than enter.)


#3 You’re in a dying industry (Competitors design faster, newer, safer, cheaper, and greener products; your product feels like a waste of money. Therefore, since you’re no longer “cutting edge”, the only thing that’s “cut” is your earnings.)

#4 You would rather go to the dentist (Having a root canal is more enjoyable than sitting in your cubicle. Work is the absolute last place you want to be.)

 That’s the work place, but do you see the connection with faith? Sometimes, Christian conviction makes us moody. Sometimes, we think about everything but Jesus. Sometimes, we believe Christianity is a dying movement because morality decreases with every turn of the calendar. Sometimes, we would rather be anywhere but the House of the Lord. But, when it comes to a life with Christ, we can’t just “switch” careers. Granted, we can walk away from our job, but when we do, we walk away from every spiritual blessing.
 If you feel “burned out”, join a host of biblical heroes like Noah, Elijah, and David who watched their flame of faith cool. Nevertheless, they kept fighting, kept trying, kept praying, and their faith was re-kindled. When you burnout, call on the Father. He will ignite the flame.