"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Thanks for Everything!"

The picture you see is one for the history books. That is Mariano Rivera, the famous Yankee’s closer, leaving the Red Sox a personal note in his last visit to Fenway Park. Rivera, the most successful closer in baseball history, is no stranger to Fenway. In his illustrious 19 year career, Rivera has played dozens, if not hundreds of games in Boston. From playoffs to pennants, Rivera has represented the pinstripes to the best of his ability. He will be retiring at the end of the 2013 season, but before he left Fenway for the final time, he wanted to leave one final note on the walls of the Pitcher’s Bullpen—“Thanks for everything!”

There’s arguably no greater rivalry in all of sports than the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. This feud has been scratching its baseball claws since the days of the Homerun King, Babe Ruth. Police in Boston and New York both consider it extremely dangerous to ride a subway following a game in the visiting team’s jersey.  In all of the angry yells, thrown beer cans, and even death threats (yes, it’s true), Rivera believes the Red Sox made him a better player; to sharpen his competitive edge; to block out unneeded criticism; and most of all, to focus on the game.


 As God’s people, we can learn a lesson from Rivera’s attitude. Our challengers, critics, and even our enemies, can teach us lessons; to be more competitive for Christ; to block out the unneeded criticism that dampens our spirit; and most of all, to focus on the cross.


During the battle of rivalry, it may not be pleasant. It can certainly be stressful. But one day, when we look back at how far we’ve come, we will say, “Thanks for everything!”