"...and I will dwell in the House of the LORD forever!"

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top Five Benefits to Being a Man

What are the top five benefits to being a man? Consider these “blessings” in disguise:

#1) Phone Conversations rarely last more than 30 seconds.

#2) Wedding Dress Purchase: $2,000; Tuxedo Rental: $75.00

#3) If a man shows up wearing your same outfit, you will most likely be life-long friends.

#4) You aren’t expected to know the names of more than five colors.

#5) One wallet; one pair of shoes; one color; all seasons.

Now, what are the top five benefits to being a Christian? Are they easier to recognize? Do they slide off the tip of your tongue, or get bogged down in the muck of memory? I’ll get you started:

#1) You don’t deserve any blessing you can list, but you receive it anyway.

Think about that this week.